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Healing Ceremonies, Courses, Music and Events for mindfulness and personal growth


Ceremonia de Bendición del Útero

Acompañame en una ceremonia ancestral para ayudarte a sanar el portal energético más poderoso de la mujer.

Sana, Transforma, Libera


17/05/22 @ 8pm (UTC)


Online Live Meditation and Music with KOTE

Join us for an online meditation and live music session to uplift your Spirit.


15/06/22 @ 8pm (UTC)


Guided Meditations

Discover all our Meditations in our Youtube Channel


KOTE is a project created to bring light, inspiration and guidance for everyone who wants to walk the path of self discovery, healing and growth. 

It’s the work of a musician couple, astrologer Claudia Aurora and guitarist & producer Javier Moreno, and it’s open to everyone regardless of religious belief, social or economic background. It’s based on our own spiritual journey and life experiences, to share and empower others who may be seeking answers, tools and exercises for healing and self love, or simply want to enjoy a space for contemplation & meditation.  


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